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What You Need to Know About the Criminal Record Check When it comes to the security and safety of our families, we can never be too sure because we all know that we live in unpredictable times. We cannot just ignore the fact that thousands of people fall victim to different types of crime each year. This is foremost the motivation why many people now consider it a necessity to conduct criminal record check on new acquaintances when they feel like something is amiss. This preventive measure not only helps secure the safety and security of a person, but of a business as well since many employers now see the need to have applicants checked out during the hiring process. Most free countries, like the United States as lucky that criminal records are mandated by law to become accessible to anyone and everyone who wishes to conduct a record check. These records can be accessed through public libraries, law enforcement offices such as police stations and public record websites. This is great news for people who have the right to know and bad news for felons because this public access deters them from escaping from their past. A criminal record check is actually a very normal incident that you may have already been subjected to without you even knowing it. First, it�s important in getting a clear approval for use in the process of employment, especially if you have worked in certain areas. It�s a mandatory requirement for people who want to work in fields that specifically deal with the elderly, children and the disabled. It is also obligatory for people who have gained the prestige of high ranking jobs in the financial industry. And second, it may also be a required step for other social processes such as migration abroad and adoption. Before you can leave the country to live in another one, the new country will need a paper saying that you have no criminal liabilities from your former country. It is basically used to validate that a person is not criminally liable in any way. There are basically three types of criminal offenses, each with varying degrees and prosecutions. The lowest and less serious of them all is the traffic offenses. Next are the misdemeanors while the last and the most grave of all are called felonies. Some people have critiqued the system as being to vulgar or unforgiving as having a negative finding on a criminal record check can easily bar a person from living a normal life. It can also lead to discrimation among co-workers, neighbors and even family and friends. And although there have been some effort to change the law on the access to public documents through criminal checks, the internet has basically made discretion impossible as checking on someone is as easy as a single click on a mouse. Aside from public documents and databases, you can also employ the services of private investigators and private databases to know more on a person�s criminal record check. They will be able to provide you with a complete and thorough report on anyone with records in the system. Sources Background check Public Records Background Check